Guiding you with experience

After spending  many years growing up and playing professional football in South Australia we understand the challenges a young AFL player faces. Moving interstate and living away from home, negotiating playing contracts, managing key relationships, ensuring you keep yourself fit and healthy in both body and mind and considering what happens in life after footy, are just a few of the key considerations.


Choosing the right Manager is critical to ensure that all of these needs are considered and met, and with a focus on achieving the best outcome for the player versus, whether they fit into the crowded roster of larger agencies.


With strong connections in the AFL community and business world, we’re well positioned to open many doors to ensure the opportunity our athletes are presented with now, is leveraged so they are set up for life, something many agencies can’t offer.

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Our Team


Trevor Clisby

After a successful career playing 279 games in the SANFL, winning two premierships and then becoming a founding member of the Adelaide Crows, Trevor transitioned from footy into the business world having a successful corporate career for more than 30 years. This experience provided him the opportunity to combine his passion for footy with a thorough knowledge of the corporate environment to create Strategyone Sports Management, offering a unique and client first management approach.

The average career of an AFL player is about 6 years so choosing the right manager who is focussed on the athlete and their family is a big decision, knowing that Manager will help with making the right choices during and after footy is critical. At Strategyone Sports Management we guide, mentor and help you to make the right choices.


Virginia Heyer

Virginia Heyer is Trevor’s wife and Partner in Strategyone Sports Management, and is a financial industry veteran who has accumulated a great breadth and depth of experience since joining the financial services industry in 1985. As owner and Managing Director of leading financial services company StrategyOne Advice Network, Virginia ensures with the support of her team, her clients receive the best possible service by implementing wealth creation strategies, keeping on top of new industry developments, thoroughly assessing new investment opportunities, and always keeping her clients’ best interests at heart.

Having a sound financial plan tailored to your specific situation is critically important for young Athletes, and like we do with all of our clients we research and understand their situation, risk profile and goals to ensure this opportunity sets them up for life. Like we do in our successful financial services business, we are meticulous about who we work with. We select professionals in the areas of mortgage broking, insurances, wealth creation, succession planning and estate planning and through a comprehensive and rigorous qualification process, we have the right people ensuring our clients goals and aspirations are aligned with their football career and life after footy.

I’m also a footy mad mum too, so I understand and appreciate the importance of support and guidance from family and like to connect with our athletes and their families to ensure they have the support they need throughout their AFL journey.