Ensuring you have the right people in place, at the right time, to help you make the right decisions, is critical to ensuring you have a successful AFL career, pre, during and most importantly after your footy career ends. We surround you with the best people in their fields, offering tailored advice and solutions specific to your personals goals and circumstances, at the key times throughout your career.


Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is one of the most important but also the most daunting experiences for an emerging AFL Athlete and their family. With a wealth of experience in the business world negotiating major commercial contracts over many years, and with a team of the best operators in their fields offering support and guidance, we take that stress away.

Our focus is securing our athletes the best deals available for them that best meets their overall goals. There is no team better positioned or experienced in this process than Strategyone Sports. Once again it’s about helping you make the right choices at the right time.


Athlete Welfare

After spending  many years growing up and playing professional football in South Australia we understand the challenges a young AFL player faces. Moving interstate and living away from home, negotiating playing contracts, managing key relationships, ensuring you keep yourself fit and healthy in both body and mind and considering what happens in life after footy, are just a few of the key considerations.

For many elite athletes your focus is about on-field performance, and it so it should be.

So as a team we work in the background to ensure that our athletes have the best support on and off the field, so they can focus on the opportunity they have been presented with. We offer support networks for the athlete and their families, introduce external mentors to assist with specific areas requiring attention and even counsellors for those times that sometimes seem too hard. All with a focus on our athletes, ensuring your safety and well-being on and off the field.


Career Planning

The average career of an AFL player is about 6 years so choosing the right manager who is focussed on the athlete and their family is a big decision, and whether you have an AFL career that spans 6 or 16 years we will work with you to prepare a plan to ensure you have a smooth transition off the footy field, into the professional field that will give you a comfortable life after footy. That may mean a transition into coaching, media or the corporate world, we’re there to support you to make the right choices.


Board Of Advice

Strategyone Sports Management has a select team of the most successful advisors in their fields to help prepare a complete plan for athletes ensuring contractual opportunities are optimised, financial and investment strategies are planned and tailored to life during and after footy, legal and compliance obligations are met and introductions are presented for opportunities in the mainstream, media, corporate or footy industries before their career comes to an end.

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Financial Management

Managing your cashflow is critical to ensure you have a solid financial base that allows you to focus on your football and not worry about money. Large inflows of money are not uncommon for some talented athletes, ensuring that money isn’t wasted or more importantly, is well managed, is critically important to your AFL career pre and post footy. As a part of your overall strategic plan, we put the right financial plan in place, specific to your goals to ensure you have a stress free career whilst positioning your earnings into investment opportunities specific to your long term goals.

We also ensure that as part of your cashflow management we put in place the appropriate tax and compliance obligations so there are no surprises.


Business Introductions

After a successful AFL career and 30 years in the financial services industry, Trevor and our team offer a unique opportunity for our athletes to be introduced to many business opportunities. This may be for sponsorship opportunities with ASX Listed companies, coaching roles with leading grassroots organisations or introductions for media opportunities. We work with you to identify and position you for life after footy.



“LeBron James uses smart business partnerships to write his own brand story”.

Now Le Bron James is a phenomenon and if any of our athletes go close to emulating his on-court and off-court success then we’ve done well. But there’s a really important point we can learn and we convey to our athletes.

Marketing is about positioning yourself for the right partnerships. We help you identify your personal brand values, put together a plan to remain true to those values, and implement a strategy to leverage your opportunities and create long standing and beneficial partnerships to help you pre and post career.


Family Support

We place a lot of emphasis on not just the athlete but involving their families along the journey. It’s important for athletes to maintain a close connection to their family, particularly when living away from home. Having a very strong family focus means we invite our Athletes and their families into our home, whether making a move interstate to a new team, or parents and friends visiting, we offer a welcoming and comfortable environment to share and to feel at home.

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Path to Draft

It can be daunting as a parent or as a player when you have the potential to have a son or daughter picked up in a draft. It normally starts in the Under 16 National Championships where you might get exposure to Player Agents and Recruiters. It can be confusing, overwhelming and what seems to be a lot of noise. We assist in mapping out the journey of what to expect in the years leading up to the draft, demystifying the journey so you can have peace of mind. We can also assist in finding you casual work if you need to support yourself in the year between school and draft.